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portrait of happy couple outdoorsWhen it comes to maintaining your smile, you can trust our friendly team at One Day Denture Service of Lansing to treat you with dignity, respect, and high-quality care. Dr. Robert Erhard has addressed the unique dental needs of residents in Lansing and the surrounding communities since 1992. Our team works with you to protect your smile with effective dental cleanings, informative x-rays, and careful screenings for signs of oral health problems.

We take the time to understand your situation and provide useful services, resources, and nonjudgmental assistance. Our goal is to make your office visit as simple, affordable, and accessible as possible. Whether you’re looking for a reliable Lansing dentist to handle your regular checkups or need maintenance cleanings for gum disease, Dr. Erhard is here to help. Our team is excited to meet you, so get in touch with our office today to make an appointment!


Why Are Regular Dental Cleanings Important?

To keep your smile shining, it’s essential to visit our dentist regularly for cleanings and exams. By having your teeth cleaned professionally at routine intervals, you reduce your risk of cavities and tooth loss. Our team helps you reduce plaque buildup, develop excellent dental habits, and maintain your overall well-being. Actively protecting your teeth and gums can benefit you in the future by preventing the need for costly dental restorations and extensive treatments.

Our Efficient Process for Cleanings & Exams

Whether you’ve been visiting our practice for years or are a new patient, we’re committed to treating you as an essential member of our dental family. Our team is constantly looking out for your well-being and comfort. We hope that you’ll come to consider our Lansing dental practice your home for all your pressing needs. When you stop by for a routine checkup, your visit includes:

  1. A thorough cleaning and examination of your gums and teeth: Your visit begins with an efficient cleaning from one of our experienced dental hygienists. They clean your teeth and perform a comprehensive oral cancer screening. This screening consists of a non-intrusive check of your gums, throat, tongue, lips, neck, and face for any warning signs of oral cancer. If we detect anything out of the ordinary during your visit, we inform you immediately and discuss your options moving forward.
  2. A set of comprehensive dental x-rays: Dental x-rays can provide a wealth of important information regarding your oral health. We use x-rays to check for signs of tooth decay, cysts, and bone loss. Your x-rays also allow us to monitor the positioning and alignment of your teeth so that we can track any changes in your smile over time.
  3. A visit with Dr. Erhard: Dr. Erhard enjoys catching up with you during your checkup. He’s happy to answer any questions you have regarding your dental well-being as he inspects your bite. Our Lansing dentist also checks any restorations you have to make sure they are secure and intact.

Focusing on Dental Education

electric toothbrushes set with charger in bathroomOur goal is to give you the resources and knowledge you need to make the best choices for your health. Everyone has a unique dental situation, and we strive to provide insightful advice and techniques that keep your smile shining. Dr. Erhard suggests at-home dental tips and technologies you can employ to clean your teeth. Seemingly small contributions, such as flossing daily or using an electric toothbrush, can have an enormous positive impact.

Addressing Gum Disease with Periodontal Cleanings

We understand how difficult it can be to struggle with gum disease, and our team is here to offer judgment-free assistance. We offer two extensive treatments for gum disease at our Lansing practice.

Scaling & Root Planing: Scaling and root planing is a standard treatment for periodontal disease. We begin by removing harmful bacteria, plaque, and debris along and beneath your gum line in a process known as scaling. Our team follows that up by smoothing tooth roots with planing. This two-step process addresses your situation and reduces the risk of future infections. Dr. Erhard may recommend special mouthwashes or oral medications following your treatment to protect your gums as they heal.

Maintenance Cleanings: In contrast to standard dental cleanings, which commonly occur every six months, maintenance cleanings are scheduled at three-month intervals. During this treatment, our hygienist cleans your teeth and gums to remove any bacteria and buildup. Maintenance cleanings are meant to keep your gums as clean as possible while they recover from periodontal disease.

Taking Care of Your Smile with Dental Cleanings

Whether you require scaling and root planing to deal with periodontal disease or are simply looking for a dental checkup, Dr. Erhard and his team are happy to help. You can count on our team to act in your best interests and provide you with the level of care you deserve. Call our team at One Day Denture Service of Lansing today!


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