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Crowns & Bridges in Lansing to Enhance Your Smile

young couple smilingIf you have decayed, damaged, or missing teeth, a dental bridge or crown may be exactly what you need to rejuvenate your smile. A custom-fitted crown or bridge can improve both the aesthetics and functionality of your teeth. Dr. Robert Erhard has placed crowns and bridges with care and precision since 1992 and is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal oral health.

We provide you with thorough, effective dental treatments using quality materials and gentle care. Get in touch with One Day Denture Service of Lansing to discover if a crown or bridge is the right restoration for you!


What are Dental Crowns?

dental crown illustrationCrowns are dental restorations designed to repair damage and improve your dental health. A dental crown fully covers your tooth down to the gum line. A crown can restore a tooth that is substantially decayed, damaged, or treated with root canal therapy. The crown serves to prevent further damage to the vulnerable tooth and renew its original shape and size. When you properly maintain your crown, it can last for years without needing replacement.

What Does a Dental Bridge Do?

Dental bridges combine dental crowns and prosthetic teeth (pontics) to replace missing teeth. With a traditional bridge, your healthy teeth will act as your bridge's structural support. Alternatively, we can use a set of dental implants as the anchors for your replacement teeth.

5 Reasons to Receive a Crown

Dental crowns are durable, affordable, and used to fix many dental problems. You might consider a dental crown if:

  1. You're seeking cosmetic treatment: A dental crown can restore a misshaped tooth. By minimizing imperfections such as a noticeably smaller tooth, your crown blends in with your natural teeth to balance your smile.
  2. You have a worn-down tooth: An uneven bite or teeth grinding at night can wear down a tooth over time. We can use a dental crown to protect the worn tooth and restore its structure.
  3. One of your teeth is cracked, chipped, or broken: Dental crowns can reinforce damaged teeth and improve aesthetics and function.
  4. A tooth has a large cavity: When we treat a cavity, we typically use a filling to seal your tooth and prevent further dental problems. In some cases, a cavity can be too large to repair with a standard filling. A dental crown can cover your tooth, preventing future infections and damage.
  5. You have a missing tooth: A special crown, known as an implant crown, can directly attach to a dental implant to effectively replace a missing tooth.

How Can a Dental Bridge Benefit Me?

Dental bridges smoothly replace one or more missing teeth with functional, natural-looking restorations. Your bridge improves your smile's appearance and keeps your healthy teeth from shifting out of alignment. By investing in a dental bridge now, you can prevent the need for more extensive dental restorations down the road and receive a beautiful smile in the process.

What's the Process for Receiving a Crown or Bridge?

dental bridge illustrationIt normally takes two appointments at our office to receive your unique crown or bridge. Our team uses thorough exams and x-rays to plan your treatment. When we know the exact shape, size, and location for your restorations, we order your crown or bridge from a trusted dental lab.

On average, it takes two weeks for the lab to craft a crown and between two and three weeks to create your dental bridge. We can provide you with a temporary restoration in the meantime to protect your tooth. As soon as your restoration is ready, you'll come in for your second appointment. We gently place your new restoration and check that it is comfortable and secure.

Caring for Your Crown or Bridge

Your dental restoration is crafted from durable dental materials and should last for many years. Keep your restoration clean and in good condition by brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing before bed. We recommend visiting our practice for regular dental cleanings so we can professionally clean your restoration and examine it for damage.

Restoring your Smile with Crowns & Bridges in Lansing

Dr. Erhard looks forward to meeting you and helping to protect your beautiful smile. With our professional crowns and bridges, you can maintain oral health and functional for many years to come! Contact One Day Denture Service of Lansing today so we can begin preparing your restorations.


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